Sinamangal, Kathmandu - 35, Nepal
(Near Pepsi Cola factory)
Post box No: 19552
Phone: + 977 1 2050 619

3227-60 Street NE
Calgary, AB T1Y 3L3
Tel / Fax: + 1 403 398 0807


Children Profile

Laxmi Parajuli

Age :7
School Name:Nexus International Academy,Pepsi Cola,Town Planning

(Laxmi was found on the roadside after her birth. No one knows that who let her for die? Therefore we don’t have any details what is her surname and where is she from. Therefore, the founder gave his surname to her). She is a very lovely girl, but she has some mental problem, now she is in her mental treatment, getting better day after day. According to the doctor, during her birth time she could have banged her head or her mother could have taken some medicines, so she is having the mental problem.

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